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The icon maker does not exist in a vacuum. This post is to provide credit to all the people who have provided resources that I have used in my icons.

I have used textures created by:
[ profile] 77words
[ profile] acidicicons
[ profile] airockz69 @ [ profile] idiotxbeauty
[ profile] agent_sniper
[ profile] blame @ [ profile] ijsbloemen
[ profile] brokendogma
[ profile] cdg
[ profile] colette_01 @ [ profile] colette_1
[ profile] darinkabranco @ [ profile] bttrfly_kiss
[ profile] dimensiongirl @ [ profile] drycolor
[ profile] dreamsofkate
[ profile] elanordh
[ profile] ellaangelus @ [ profile] graphisize
[ profile] erniemay
[ profile] evastefania
fischstabchen (closed? LJ account)
[ profile] gothic_mischief
[ profile] hanabito
[ profile] haudvafra
[ profile] iconifique
[ profile] iconographer
[ profile] infinite_drag
[ profile] innocent_lexys
[ profile] joyfulsong
[ profile] kessha
[ profile] lifeisdolce
[ profile] lil_brokenangel
[ profile] lookingglassf1
[ profile] matchbox_icons
[ profile] moonstone_icons
[ profile] offbeat_upbeat
[ profile] policromo
[ profile] proverbsun @ [ profile] about_forever
[ profile] ps_neke
[ profile] redshirt
[ profile] replicon
[ profile] samiam1023
[ profile] shark_bitten (closed)
[ profile] silverqe
[ profile] skybound2
[ profile] spiritcoda
[ profile] starlit_designs
[ profile] stripped_s0cks
[ profile] teh_gandu
[ profile] tiger_tyger @ [ profile] tiger_tutorials
[ profile] twinstrike @ [ profile] twinstrikeish
[ profile] unwritten_icons
[ profile] wolfbane_icons
[ profile] woolfred
[ profile] worship_elle
[ profile] xgraphicjunkie

While I like to do my own scans and screencaps, it isn't always possible.

I have used images from these sites:
Aethereality artbook scans, various series
Anime Paper scans from a huge variety of anime, manga, and games
Court Records Gyakuten Saiban
Empty Movement Shoujo Kakumei Utena
For Richer or Poorer Ouran High School Host Club
Giant Bomb video game screencaps
Gundam Seed Net Recent Gundam series
homura's Abyss screencaps Tales of the Abyss
Moonlight Flower InuYasha
Kyou Kara Maou screencaps
The Pink Panzer From Eroica with Love
Portrait of a Demon King Kyou Kara Maou scans RPG Video Games (closed)
Squaresoft Art Final Fantasy art

I have used fonts from these sites (in addition to the ones that came with my computer):
1001 Free Fonts
exljbris Font Foundry
Font Space
Kimberly Geswein Fonts


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