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Title: The Littlest Things
Series/Characters: Kyou Kara Maou - Adelbert, Gwendal
Word Count: 293
Rating: PG?
Timeline: Set during OVA ep.2
Notes: written for [ profile] kkm_challenge's round 17. Inspired by Sassafrass's "Fall"
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or recognizeable elements of Kyou Kara Maou. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

“Adelbert, when you see Yozak tell him I need to speak with him.”
Adelbert turned to stare at the man interrupting his lunch. “Why ask me Lord von Walde?”
“He was supposed to be here, the servants have work to do, and you’re the only person in the room I know will recognize him.” Gwendal turned to leave.
“That’s all you have to say after twenty years?” Adelbert challenged.
With a sigh Gwendal turned back to the blond, “What is there to say?”
“So you’re willing to just forgive and forget?” Adelbert sneered.
“Forgive?” Gwendal’s expression hardened. “Do you really think what you’ve done can be forgiven so easily? Just because I tolerate your presence as a competitor here don’t think I’ve forgotten what you cost this country.”
Adelbert nodded. “I expected to be turned away at the harbor.”
“Then why come at all?”
“I wanted to see this new Shin-Makouku the young king is building with my own eyes.” Gwendal sighed, clearly expecting more of an answer.
The other man chuckled, “And because I might get to fight Sir Weller again.”
Gwendal smiled slightly, “Of course.”
The silence that fell between them was oddly comfortable. Adelbert used the opportunity to study his unexpected companion. He’d watched Gwendal change from a serious youth to a bitter man as he’d tried to protect the kingdom from Stoffel’s decisions and the escalating war. He looked tired now and older than twenty years could account for.
Adelbert looked away. “Stop working yourself to death,” he muttered softly.
Gwendal stared at the larger man but was interrupted by Yozak hollering from the doorway before he could reply. When he turned back, Adelbert was already walking away and Gwendal couldn’t bring himself to call the man back.

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